Перевод песни Lambchop – National Talk Like A Pirate Day

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
This is my song, don’t sing along
It’s opinions disarrayed of might are drooped
And like good men, I am disabled
From understanding what we are taught not to condemn
In the kingdoms of the well and of the sick
And the hours that it took to think of this
And the road that got the best of you one day
Can you see at all?
Somehow I knew this wasn’t it Somehow I knew that we will see this to fruition
They said I was a ditsy housewife
And I have the crude opinions of unpracticed men
In my pajamas I still hold my record player
There’s a hockey game on the table by the chair
And when it rains your hair begins to curl
Come the winds of dawn
Without your eye patch and your parrot
I’ve been informed it’s national talk like a pirate day
Perhaps this singing is a refuge
From other equally uncomfortable thoughts
And you disregard the clock that’s on the wall
It’s a wonder you can disregard at all
You just try to find a softer way to fall
Back into my arms
Now he thought he was a citizen
But only in the vaguest sort of way
And we will take it to the people
And the people will then take it all away
With our pencils we are righteous and we’re rough
And you wonder when your education starts
And you wipe your nose upon your pretty sleeve
And then you leave
I think we better call a cab
'Cause our thirst for this has made these keys no use
And I remember our last kiss
And I’ll remember all the others from now on Until it’s time to sing this song over my grave
Like the boy who just forgets the mourning sheep
Or the girl who gets the hound dog to behave
I will sing to you