Перевод песни Eli Young Band – Home

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I’ve shed alot of years and tears
In this broke down used up town
Bled my heart on these city streets
As strangers lay their money down
I’m home
I’ve never known a love
My soul was searching for
Now I look into that great big blue
Feel nothing I’ve felt before
I’m alone
So I’ll shake some hands
Chase that calling star
I’m gonna drive so fast
I can only drive so far
Gonna lay my bricks
And park my car
Gonna sow my seeds somewhere
But home is where you are
See your washed out faded smiles
When I look back on this place
All that held me as a child
Is begging me to stay
But I’m gone
I’ll follow that blinding sun
What I can’t see past
Knowing I can always go back home
Girl, that’s where you are
It’s where you are