Перевод песни Lambchop – The Daily Growl

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Thought I felt a chill
Thought an underrated skill
A hazard to the emotionally challenged
Fibers from a rope
In the roughness of your hand you cope
With cuddles and the gentle revolution
The guts and gluttony
The chicken of the sea
Will hardly fill your restless void
Powered by intel
The useless crap you sell
Will leave us more or less annoyed
Down the street you go
Rumors of a one man show
How silly we can be about the future
Parent to the cause
A hustle through and then you pause
To study or to ponder or reflect
It’s laid out in a line
That curves and breaks with time
And underscores this fragile nation
But I guess it’s right
To love the girls who fight
Off our manly acts of desperation