Перевод песни Aretha Franklin – Respect

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Respect is the key
Respect on a spree
I don't ask for a pic of her knee
If respect was a crime I'd be servin time
But it's 2018 I respect all the women
Pull up on her block and she gon' get respected
I keep her protected you know it's expected
Remember golden rule
It is pretty cool
I use it at the pool and when I'm at school
They say chivalry is dead but man it's alive
Respect it will thrive
To be the goat I will strive
Shoutout to my girl
I treat her like a queen
You know what I mean
Drop this Ep Issa meme
Respectin while I dream
Respectin left and right
Fly like a kite
At a new height
Wake up and see the light and we gon' be alright
It may not show but a man gotta flow
Never call a girl a hoe hunt you down use ammo
If respectin was a sport man I'd be a pro (aye)
Respect her over here
Respect her over there
Respect her over here
Respect her over there
Got so much respect I should sell it like a share
Sell so much I'm a millionaire
But you know I'm not a player
Just a white boy curly hair
Cookin rhymes in my lair
If you disrespect man you soft like a care bear
(Aye, Aye, Respect, Respect, Aye, Respect)