Перевод песни Lucy Schwartz – Count On Me

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Yesterday wasn’t easy, made a wish by the bay and it’s hard to give all away
Lift your head up really hear me, when the water is rising and you can’t close
your eyes or breathe
Trust in me to make it better
We can carry through to the end
We’ll get free from stormy weather
Can count on me I’ll be your friend
Suddenly it gets clearer
With your hands on the wheel we can turn interfere the crowd
Better days are drawing nearer
And there’s no way, no how, and no body to stop us now
Do, do, do do do do
Do, do do do darling you can count on me
Hey, hey, hey
Do, do, do do do do
Do, do do do I’ll be there whenever you need me
Hey, hey, hey
Wherever you are
I’m not very far
I’ll be by your side
To make it alright