Перевод песни Sonata Arctica – Picturing the Past

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In a house where no one never sleeps
Lays a man who sees more with his eyes
Picturing the past before him
In a bed, alone, with clothes on
Paying for a service he doesn't really need
With his eyes, he sees more love and lust
More tears, far too much to handle
Can't tell a soul, not this time, they'd lock him right up
Too much of burning bushes too much for his weak soul
In his mind, oh so jaded, he's gone too far behind
Of all the visions seen, this one makes him scream
He cannot live neither die in this world
Burning sensation inside, you know how that hurts?
Making up for the crimes of your life
With scythe as your sword
You must fight 'till the end of time
Don't look behind, or you will fall through the time
Only time can make you see behind of the curtain hiding
The secret. Your time is up when you see the light
You can live as a noble man but when time
You won't be left behind
With the sound of time ringing in his head
He leaves the house where no-one never sleeps
Job well done knowing that at least one will be pleased
Hiding is always useless, pictures will fade with time
Seeking for a winner of the day, prize of life is here
Of all the visions seen this one makes him scream