Перевод песни The Orb – Towers Of Dub

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Hello, is that reception, London Weekend Television?
No, this is security, reception has gone off duty, sir
Oh I see, uh I am supposed to meet somebody in reception, and I wanted to know
if they were there waiting...
What is the name of the person you are supposed to meet?
Haile Selassie
Is there a Haile Selassie here? ...no
Could you possibly... if he does... he will come in very shortly;
would you tell him that Marcus Garvey phoned?
Uh huh...
And that I will meet him, well it's, meet him in Babylon and Ting?
When Marcus comes in... right?
And you are supposed to be waiting for him to come in...
Is that Haile Selassie?
No, it wasn't him, it was a cab
He's a black gentleman
But he when he comes in... you're gonna meet him at... where was it?
I'll make a note of this...
Babylon and Ting
Ba-by-lon and Ting
That's it Right you are! Thank you!
God Bless You