Перевод песни Kardinal Offishall – Gimme Some

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Aiyyo I thought I could take her, jeans full of paper
Everything a everything but Kardi couldn’t break her
Met her on a plane going straight to Jamaica
Left a vino and casino with a villa on an acre
Man a bad man with a firebrand on his sleeve
Moonlight shining on that yacky weave
Fireworks busting like you couldn’t believe
Tryna get both my paws on her chest like Eve
Aiyyo they call me Mr. Kardi, apple to Bacardi
Doesn’t matter while I’m trying wine ya ting up in the party
I will deal with the kids girl, beat out ya batta
Anytime any place any where, doesn’t matter come on!
Why wouldn’t I (why?)
Want a body like that? (Cheah!)
My heart go (BOOM!)
Everytime you back that back (Cheah!)
And why wouldn’t I (why?)
Want a body like that? (Eh!)
My them niggas go (Ehhh!)
Everytime you drop that
I just wanna feel it (oooh)
Then I wanna touch it (oooh)
Then I wanna rub it (oooh)
Hmm that ain’t enough
So let me love it (ehh!)
Let me hug it (ehh!)
Do you wanna gimme some. gimme some…
Do you wanna gimme some. gimme some…
Aiyyo the Konvict sauna, black J’s too
When I get her to the 'telly there’s not telling what I’ll do
Man a bedroom bully, bourgeois boss
Haffi leave a good impression no matter how much a the cost
But I’ll never pay a dollar, never pay a fee
Man a better run from the T-D-O-T, K-A-R-D
-Inal a know, ginnal a love criminal (right gyal!) hear me now?
Se mi now, time for you to do you
While I’m doing me I’m tryna do you too
Lemme show ya who’s who, bad boy Kardinal
Party done started now, how do ya do? Ehh?!
Somebody told me that I couldn’t do it, that’s why I do it to death
I’m grim reaper fresh with every last breath
The world dance to the pulse of my heart
Revolutionary rocksteady straight from the start
Young girl this is not about lust
Stop with all the talking this is about us
It’s about you plus me living together
Forever riding in your X6 with the plush leather
My girl look better than yours, get money much better than yours
With the head knock once in the drawers
Oh lord lemme pause while Dream sing bring the applause
Clap clap clap clap!
I know you wanna gimme some. gimme some.gimme some.
I know you wanna gimme some. gimme some.gimme some.