Перевод песни Papermoon – And You Don't

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Call me irresponsible
Doing what I’m doing here
Call my lazy, most of all
Say my philosophy’s unreal
I feel fine spending all my life in daydreams
Following the shadows on the wall
I feel fine doing nothing at all
I watch the ships rolling in
Watch them roll away again
Wasting hours by the sea, doing time
I watch the trains passing by
Watch the airplane in the sky
Might be crazy but I do what I want
And you don’t
See my life is wonderful
I would never want to change
See my world is beautiful
No use to be rearranged
I feel fine when I’m sitting in my garden
Listening to birds for hours and hours
But not as fine as when I’m watching the stars
I watch the ships rolling in …
What you’re tryin' to say to me?
I’m as happy one can be
Like the fishes in the ocean
I am oh so free
You might be wrong
You think you’ll change me
You won’t
I watch the ships rolling in …