Перевод песни Pentangle – People On The Highway

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There's people on the highway
People in the towns
You just can't get away;
I'm a-going to the mountains
Going by the sea
You won't see me again
Gonna move on buddy
Gonna leave my trouble and worry behind
Find a new home to rest my uneasy mind
For it's better to be going
Better to be moving
Than clinging to your past;
Love is made from living
And dreams are made of sleeping
Better catch it while it lasts
Sweet lady she won't call
Or knock upon my door
She won't see me at all;
And every word I've said
Everything I done
Will not turn her pretty head
Now if I stay I'll lose out
For the dealer deals too fast
And the game's turned about;
So I think I'll try a new game
One I understand
Then my life won't be in vain
When you're feeling kind of blue
Kind of mixed up inside
And good times are few;
When every day brings the rain
In a never ending flood
And you're on your own again
And when it's hard to decide
What should be your next move
And what'd be the outcome;
And when sunny days roll by And pass you unnoticed
And time ceases to run