Перевод песни LL Cool J – Cry

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LL, and they call me Lil' Mo
Ay, ay, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
(Chorus: Lil' Mo)
When I cry, baby, you cry
We cry, baby, it's like
You know, oh, how love goes, say it again
When I cry, baby, you cry
We cry, baby, it's like
You know, oh, how love goes, just how love goes
However it go, I'm going out for you, girl
I'mma stick up kid, I'm pulling out for you, girl
If I was hustling, I pump coke for you, girl
I I was a dread, then I smoke for you, girl
I play captain, rock the boat for you, girl
I play Martin and bring hope to you, girl
When I was away, look how I wrote to you, girl
Wasn't I polite, when I spoke to you, girl
Tripped on you, copped that coat for you, girl
I do anything but go broke for you, girl
Since I'm a rapper I wrote a song for you, girl
If I'm a gun clapper I keep 'em warm for you, girl
Lift some weights and keep it hard for you, girl
Sunday morning pray to God for you, girl
If that don't work catch a charge for you, girl
I flips them bars, become a star for you, girl
If I was a pastor I'd preach for you, girl
If I was a hand, then I'd reach for you, girl
Grab a broom and sweep the streets for you, girl
Become the president and get impeached for you, girl
I keep having these visions in my mind
Now sense no reason no rhyme
Schizophrenia, it's hard to define
Life's a mountain for you I'm ready to climb
Become the sun, for you I shine
Much more than all your other guys combined
So you can tell 'em all to wait in line
Cause a crime of passions still a crime
Life ain't a movie, girl, you can't rewind
But I play any role, just to make you mine
Even in your mirror you a one of a kind
And I don't need, nobody else to co-sign
(Bridge: Lil' Mo)
There ain't nothing that I wouldn't do
I cook and clean when it come to you
I, keep it locked, don't ever fear
When it comes to my man I'mma be right here
He would hustle when his times were tough
And never left me stranded, it was all about us
You can't tell me wrong, you kept money strong
The drops just what you need to be like by
Life is good when it's me and you together
And when there's drama then I'mma do whatever
Keep it warm in a stormy cold weather
Leave you broken and lonely, oh never
Every word that I say is so clever
When you feel it in your heart it gets you much wetter
I am the original go getter
I don't waste time fronting, I go get her
Stare at the devil and won't blink for you, girl
Change the way that I think for you, girl
Put it on paper, waste the ink for you, girl
Walk through the desert without a drink for you, girl
Central booking, rock pink for you, girl
Step in quicksand and sink for you, girl
Whatever the obstacle, I'mma leap for you, girl
In my life and go to sleep for you, girl