Перевод песни Swallow The Sun – Plague of Butterflies: Losing the Sunsets - Plague of Butterflies - Evael 10:00

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Cold was the air that the evening wind brought
Silent and so quiet were the woods
On the eve of that night
Don’t know what I stayed there for so long
So long that I could hear that voice
The whisper we all avoid
Sound from within, the quiet truth
I felt my blood slowly turning cold
Turning cold from waiting
Hours I spent there awaiting
Hoping for someone to come
To silent the voice that felt like thunder
Evael is the light, the white light
In the chill of my world, she is the one
She brings the butterflies, pure light
When ever she comes by
The darkness steps aside
But I felt my blood turn cold
Hours I spent there awaiting
Watching the light fading
You’re losing the sunsets, you will never get them back
The days you spend in loneliness are seconds in shades of black
Winter was cold, but summer is even colder
Nights have been longer, they have made me much older
You’re losing the sunsets, you will never get them back
Every night you spend in loneliness are years in shades of black
Years pass, but has time stopped on me?
Morning always arises with vaster pain
And then it is sunset again
We weep the winds for your loneliness
Choir of broken dreams for the love you had
But now she walks forever lost in gray and woe
She’s not forgiven, she’s the one for winter to own
Not yours, old man, never again…