Перевод песни Commodores – Visions

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Searching my mind’s wilderness
So many faces I’ve seen
Some are fighting for their lives
While others fight for their dreams
Some still don’t know who they are
Or where their road will turn
Some are blind from hate and lies
They’ve got so much to learn
But I can see that one day
One day a change is gonna come
When all the world will live as one
No need for lies, no no
For the truth will be the light
And everybody will see a love so bright
Visions in my mind (I see visions)
Visions in my heart (I see visions)
Visions in my soul (I see visions)
(There's no mountain) There’s no mountain
(Too high) Too high
(And no river) Too deep to cross
(Only love) Only love
(Is the answer) Yes, it is
(We can get there If we pay the cost)
But let me say truly
Truly, I see changes
I see wonders like I’ve never seen before
(Believers) Believers, and only the believers
Can rearrange this world
Make it stronger, yeah
(We can make it) We can make it a brighter day
(I see visions) Visions in my heart, baby
(I see visions) Can’t you see?
(I see visions) Visions from my soul, baby
(I see visions)
Come together (I see visions)
We need each other (I see visions)
Time for changes (I see visions)
We’ll be so happy
So happy
Despite the negatives of today, be positive
I know we can make it
It all depends on you
And it all depends on me