Перевод песни Sugarland – Take Me As I Am

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Radiator says 95
but I ain’t felt a drop of heat all night
here in this motel there’s no tellin me nothin'
I come here five nights a week
to clean the toilets and change these sheets
my name’s Maggie Duran
Baby ain’t that somethin'
If you want it Come and get it If you want it Come and get it You’ll understand
You take me as I am
I know these corners I know these streets
Curbside prophets they’re yellin’at me He can save my soul for a drink and a dollar
They keep starin’at my tattoos
We all live with the scars we choose
They might hurt like hell
but they all make us stronger
Slow to trust but I’m quick to love
Push too hard and I give too much
I ain’t sayin’I’m perfect
but I promise I’m worth it Now I’m standing here in front of you
Tell me boy what you gonna do My name’s Maggie Duran
Baby ain’t that somethin'