Перевод песни Strawbs – Little Sleepy

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Listen to my story
I’ve got something I must say
All about a new experience
That came to me today
Well I don’t want your sudden changes
I don’t need your New York zoo
But I want some understanding
'Cause I think I’m going to lose
Yes I think I’m going to lose
Take me home, little sleepy
You don’t have to take that train
That leads you where you just don’t want to go
Take me home little sleepy
You don’t have to take that train
This little rock and roller’s going to show you what you are
Well it might have been in Texas
And it could be New Orleans
But it really doesn’t matter
'Cause it’s only in my dreams
In the places where I travel
And the people that I meet
All I know is what I’m fighting for
It’s you I really need
Yes, it’s you I really need
In the middle of time, 1
I’m going to be thinking about you
Take a look at yourself
I just can’t live without you