Перевод песни Draugnim – Will Dawn Rise Again

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Whites herald wept and drew its final sigh
Shed crimson crest as season begins to bend
Frail bite of embers light, in dying warmth to hide
And pretend… will dawn rise again
Pristine paths of north
March pilgrims of sword
No trails left by beast or man
Chaste shining hoarfrost
Seek eyes the paling hearth
Before stars shroud the sun
Garnered light must shine a hundred nights
Through dark torment, in hope of spring nascent
Dreams of blind, dreams of sun, under veiling white
And pretend… will dawn rise again
Of shallow bays it sings
Yet freezing hail it brings
With silver deathcold wings
Severes the crust of fjord
Let life of guiding torch
Outlast the fading dawn
Gone, the light withdrawn and skies adorned
Now flecked and torn with black vulture spawn
Like wolves that hunt the swan
They chase the fleeing dawn
So curses whispered end as godless sleep descends
Will dawn rise again