Перевод песни Draugnim – Craionhorn

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Against the stone, against the land
Forged in rage of ever starving flame
Pyres fed with firstborn of man
No tideless sea your fire could tame
Clarion call of Craionhorn
No ravines echo your storm, no writhing heart heeds your call
No hands left with warmth reach for tales forlorn
Chained in your frame is what was lost, what was sigh,
What was the deemed as last breath of god
Chained in your frame is what was all, what has been,
What was winds blowing never silent
Hollow bone of the timeless wyrm
Gold that never shined in sun
Envenomed blood of every martyr
Steel blackened in sins left undone
No sight shunned beyond, no voice life banished from everlasting song
No men this age has born crave to hear the silenced horn
No longer hear they call…