Перевод песни Owen Hand – Inveray (The Baron Of Brackley)

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Down Dee side come Inverey whistlin' and playin'
And he was at Brackley’s yetts ere the day was dawnin'
Saying, Baron O’Brackley and are ye within?
There are sharp swords down at yer yetts, that would gar your bluid ruin
Oh rise up my baron and turn back your kye
For the lads frae Drumwharron, they are drivin' them by!
Oh how can I rise up and turn them again?
Where I may hae aen man he surely hae ten.
Oh, gin I had a husband is wat I hae nane
He wouldna lie on his bed and watch his kye ta’en
Oh then up jumped this baron, said gi’e me my gun
I will mae gan' oot, love, but I’ll never win hame
Now when Brackley was buskit, and rade o’er closs,
A gallanter baron never lap to ae horse.
Oh come kiss me, my Peggy, nor think I’m to blame
I will mae gan' oot, love, but I’ll never come hame
There cam' wi' false Inverey but thirty and three,
There was nane wi' bonny Brackley but his brother and he
Twa gallanter Gordons did never sword draw,
But against three and thirty, wae me, what is twa?
Wi' swords and wi' daggers they did him surround
They’ve pierced bonny Brackley wi' manys a wound
Frae the head o' the Dee tae the banks o' the Spey,
The Gordons shall mourn him, which shall bann Inverey
O come ye by Brackley’s yates, and was ye in there?
And saw ye his Peggy dear riving her hair?
O, I came by Brackley’s yates and I was in there,
And I saw his lady, she was makking good cheer
She was dancin' an' singin' and lopin' for joy
And sayin' on that very night she would feast Inverey!
Now she’s danced wi' him, sang wi' him, welcomed him ben
She has kept him till mornin', who has killed her good man
There’s grief in the kitchen, but there’s mirth in the hall
For the Baron o' Brackley is deed an' awa'
Oh but up spake his young son on his nurse’s knee
Oh gin I live to be a man, avenger I’ll be