Перевод песни Lackthereof – Locked Upstairs

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Assumed that you were not
Dislocated in thought
Assumed that you went blind
Or maybe just forgot
I’d rather not split hairs
You lock yourself upstairs
I’ll sleep out in the hall
Believe that no one cares
There’s pills out there for that
There’s hooks to hang your hat
There’s proverbs to absorb
But books just make you mad
I’m swinging without end
A thinly veiled plan
No hoses and no tanks
More grief than I can stand
No that’s not even close
The holiest of hosts
Will stop to say goodbye
Here standing comatose
I’m late again
You all know where I’ve been
Unearth this monument
The shovels won’t dig in The photos in the hall
The lights are coming on The door is being thrown
You wave a magic wand
But we’re still stuck outside
With faces open wide
The violence comes in quick
We’re swept up in the tide