Перевод песни Chrisma – We R

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We R. Found
Don’t You Know That We R. Near,
We Can Hear
We Just Thrash It Out By Ear:
We R. Found
Shut Your Traps We R. Sound,
You R. Bound
With Sado / Sado, Ropes On You
We Use Our Tongue
Only When We R. Hung,
We Swing By Swinging
And Wait Until The Knot’s Untying:
We X. Cite
You Should See Us In The Night
She Looks So Chaste
Putting On The Leather Mask.
We C. Far
And We Use The Iron-Bar,
When It’s Dark
Take A Railing From The Park:
We I. Ate
When We R. Tiggy-Tagging Off,
We N. Joy
Anything Can Be A Toy.
We X. Alt
Giving Someone Else A Jolt,
L. Bow Loving
Really Wasn’t All My Fault:
We R. Found
We R. So Upside Down
If You R. Willing
You Can Hook Us To The Ceiling,
Tiggy / Tiggy-Tag,
Tiggy / Tiggy-Tag,
Tiggy / Tiggy-Tag.