Перевод песни The Orb – Slug Dub

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Thomas: Ahh! Slugs again!
Narrator: Yes, there were the slugs: babies, mothers and grandmothers,
besides enormous fat great-grandmother slugs, all eating away
at the juicy green leaves.
Maria: Oh Thomas, we must set some traps, some slug traps, and catch
them all.
Narrator: Did those slugs walk into the traps? No. Not one. They
just laughed their slimy laughs …
Slugs: Hur hur, hur hur, hur hur, hur hur!
Narrator: … and went on eating the juicy lettuces.
Maria: Oh dearie me, what shall we do? There’ll be no lettuce left
when little Tim comes home.
Thomas: I know, I’ve got a good idea. I’ll shoot those varmints!
Maria: Thomas!
Thomas: I will! I’ll shoot 'em.
Narrator: Thomas crept very carefully up to the lettuce and fired his
little gun.
Narrator: But did the slugs mind?
Slugs: Hur hur!
Narrator: No, not they. They laughed more than ever in their slimy way …
Slugs: Hur hur, hur hur, hur hur hur!
Narrator: … and they ate up all the peas, and then they turned about
and went on eating the lettuces.
Maria: Thomas, how are you getting on? We shan’t have any lettuce
left when Tim comes home!
Narrator: They hopped sadly down the long passage into the kitchen of their house. And then Maria had an idea …
Narrator: The greedy slugs raised their heads to listen. They waved
their fat bodies joyously and laughed their slimy laugh.
Slugs: Hur hur hur hur!
Here is sweet music at our feast.
Here is sweet music while we eat.
Narrator: And then they laughed again happily in their slimy way …
Slugs: Hur hur hur hur hur hur hur hur!
Narrator: … and went on eating lettuce leaves.
Slugs: Hur hur hur!
Maria: There won’t be even a nibble of lettuce when our
little Tim comes home.
Narrator: Suddenly a voice called out, and up rushed Tim, hopping and
skipping and turning somersaults as he came towards his
father and mother.
Tim: Hello, hello! I’ve brought a friend to see you. Ooh — but what’s
the matter?
Thomas: The slugs are eating all the lettuce, Tim.
Tim: Oh, is that all? My friend Thrush has just been wondering if you’d have
for supper, and I said we only had lettuces, didn’t I Thrush?
Mr Thrush: Yes, Tim. I think I can help you. If you’d allow me, sir.
Just watch me.
Narrator: He gobbled up the slugs faster than you could count — baby
slugs, mother slugs, grandmother and great-grandmother slugs
— before they had time to take to their slimy heels. Maria
and Thomas stood and watched in wonder at his huge appetite.
Thomas: Ho ho ho ho ho! Come and have supper with us whenever you
like, Mr Thrush!
Tim: You’ll always be welcome, Mr Thrush.
Thomas: Yes indeed!
Mr Thrush: