Перевод песни There For Tomorrow – Waiting

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We’re staring down constantly
With palms open and resting feet
Glancing up once and a while
To find some sense of reconcile
Open our eyes to see what’s left
Looking for just one sign of breath
As soon as we think its okay
We’ll head our separate ways
What are we waiting for
There’s knocking at our door
Slowly but surely I’m turning this around
But there is something that I haven’t found
Sooner or later you will be finding out
Sitting there waiting isn’t so safe and sound
There’s something that’s been calling me
I feel that I’m still incomplete
Without knowing what I expect
There’s no way that I can perfect
We hesitate with every step
Just one step closer to our death
We’re anxious just to take a glance
This could be our last chance
Sitting there waiting isn’t so safe and sound