Перевод песни Jonatha Brooke – My Sweet and Bitter Bowl

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I ride the fastest horse and ships
I sip the sweetest warmest lips
I deck myself with the prettiest clothes
But my true love is frozen cold
Those soldiers bold have tried of me
Sailormen that sailed the sea
Pioneers have broke my soils
But my true love is frozen cold
If you would open and raise my soul
If you would pass my gates and doors
If you’d unlock my frozen loves
Just drink my sweet and my bitter bowl
Summer’s lovers I have tried
Fair weather soldiers in their pride
The fat, the slim, the tall, the fair
But none did comb my tangled hair
When I do find my one of all
I’ll dance my joy and sing my call
My mountain and tree will see us roll
To break these locks that chain my soul
If my eyes tell you that you’re this one
My lifetime long and hungry one
I’ll kiss our key that brings you in
And I’ll forget your greatest sin
When I hold you warm in hand
And walk you through creation’s land
Love me like our easiest breeze
That kisses our sun in my windburnt trees
This wild grass is our document
This bed of leaves our free permit
Our vow is laughed in lakes and pools
Our wedding rings are dewdrop jewels
For you I’ll hunger most and worst
You’ll be my hottest driest thirst
You are my fire that never dies
My soul is in your hands and eyes
I am your battles still to fight
I’ll be your roughest day and night
I’ll take from you your hardest sweat
And pay you in words not sung nor said