Перевод песни Lumidee – Break Away

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I had to break away from you
And try to get use to me Being alone is so brand new
I never felt so free (In life I love)
The fact that cha know
(Loger thought of)
It’s honestly, open a book of pictures there
Of us when times were fair
Happiness was always so scared
To reach us in our pair
(You left me there)
Going nowhere, pain I was aware
Cause it’s you that had me there
I’ve mad up my mind, so let me go
I jus wanna let you know
This time I know that it’s for real
I know in my heart that’s how I feel
I can’t believe how you had me So confused and weak
I’m only strong, I can’t go on To understand my needs
It’s only in your dreams
Me and you, could ever be It’s honesty, half the time I was blind
And I just could not see
All the damage that you did
You did do to me
(I held it on)
It’s relief
(I was my own, my own defeat)
I’m gone, you need to just move on How could you not see, we weren’t meant to be
I’m gone, you need to just move on You and me, no more, I’m sorry, it’s over
I’m gone
since i was in debris
felt i was an evil seed
feeding me a drug and liquor scene
was defeating me reaching me imprisonated by a vicious mentality
not escaping me breaking me i see exactly what’s taking me firewater’s holding me not a living thing controlling me don’t even have a broken dream
you look at me on notice
understand the road i lead
my breaths of life don’t wanna breathe
because i feel i won’t succeed…