Перевод песни Isobel Campbell – Something To Believe

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There’s a mockingbird singing in a tree
Outside my window looking down on me
Give me a reason, something to believe
Another season I will sit and grieve
That bad old sun forever shining on
The world keeps turning, though my hope is gone
I close my eyes and when that day is done
I hang my head and dream about no one
Show me direction and I’m good to go
I’m trying so hard, always fall so low
And when I fall, there’ll be another star
I’m chasing my tail, always running
Oh, it is so hard
With the answers I find
Weary of heart
Weary soul
Weak of mind
Oh it is so hard
Now you heard my song, will you turn and go
Give me a reason, and I’ll say it’s so
If you stand by me, I could never leave
You’d be the reason, something to believe
Something to believe
Something to believe
Something to believe