Перевод песни There For Tomorrow – Pages

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The turns you had to take still keep you awake
Down come the walls where you once stood
From constant changes you have made
You'll keep inside 'til you have a say
We change as we get older
(We're not to stay)
The days we walked are over
Now we just drive away
From everything I know
(You're counting days on the back of your hands)
You turn the pages 'til you have no more plans
The only time you had to think of all the things involved
Came when you were least expecting
And now it's up to us to replace it To tell us when ages have made a difference
'cause changes tell just who we are
Now we're just miles away
From all that we could be
(You're counting days on the back of your hands)
We turn the pages
Remember the days you've counted won't be forgotten
I hope you won't leave yourself out
When we turn the pages