Перевод песни Laakso – Oh My Love

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Oh my love, oh my love
It happens every third year
That I find someone to love like you
Oh yes like you
But I know it won’t work out well
How go I know?
I just know!
Oh my love, oh my love
It happens every now and then
That I dream of when we’ll have some time
Just you and I
But I know we never will
But I will keep hoping oh yea I will
Oh my love, oh my love
It happens every time you hang up on me
I tell myself
Oh let her be
Oh yeah let her be
But you know I never will
It’ll be back time and time again
Oh my love, oh my love, oh my love
It happens everytime I call you my love
You say «please don’t call me that»
But why shouldn’t I
When I know that it will be another three years
Before I can say it and mean it again
After all you’ll never find a better boyfriend