Перевод песни Elvis Costello – Go Away

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Are we rolling?
One, two, one, two, three, four
Here in my little spy movie
With my garter and dagger
And my gag and my cuff
And my gunslinger swagger
You used to be my hand-painted villain
You used to be so thrilling
It's a switch that you're flicking
A fuse you're always tripping
A button that you're pressing
A number that you're pushing
You're always delaying
And betraying
Why don't you come back, baby?
Why don't you go away?
Go Away, Go Away
Why don't you go away?
Why don't you come back, baby?
Why don't you go away?
Budapest intrigue
Three hours of black and white
Squinting at subtitles
Through a telescopic sight
Hungarian melody
Repeating endlessly
Is this the end I see?
Approaching in front of me In this hysterical epic
Secret passage of the palace
Powder from a hollow ring
Into the poisonous chalice
Unfrocked fondler
In a half moonlit gondola
Pampered hog in a ringlet wig
Gamboled a merry jig
You're always pursuing
But she won't need possessing
Just undoing and undressing
Please don't stop confessing
In my mystery caper
As I lower my lamp
On a fey little gunsel
Who dreamed of drilling that vamp
I'm walking the shade
Of this silent parade
With my pepper and mace
And my heartbroken face
Rainy railway station
Drowns out a tearful parting
Last canister rolling
On our little melodrama
Is a one-horse opera
A screwball comedy
Mistaken identity
Well, who do you want to be?
Hey hey
Why don't you
Go away
Why don't you go away?