Перевод песни The Mad Lads – So Nice

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So nice,
Coming home, coming home to you
Do you remember, when we used to play
mommy and daddy
Mommy and daddy, every single day
& do you remember
yes i do whooo
the many many times, you cooked a dinner baby
mudcakes and pies
that i brought with my guys
even then i think when you, when we grew up, just what we do cuz it was so nice, so nice
so nice, always so nice
coming home to you
for eachother, we been so good (so good)
we stuck together, we been together baby like no other kids could
i wana make a dream come true
i still wana play, mommy and daddy with you
cuz it was so nice, so nice, so nice
always so nice, coming home to you (so nice)
mudcakes & pies
it was so nice, can you remember playing mommy and daddy girl
it was ao nice