Перевод песни The Mad Lads – Did My Baby Call

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Did she call me Did she call me,
Ive been walking down these streets all day,
Watching lovers as they go there way,
You know walking makes me sad and blue.
Just to think my girl & I are thru,
I been hoping that she call me on the phone.
Did she call me mama, while i was gone
Did my baby call
I know its all my fault we broke up.
Now I miss her & I suddenly woke up I do anything to win her love again,
Even though I know im not worthy of it.
Ive never felt so all alone
Did she call me mama, while I was gone
Did my baby call
Did she leave a message for me,
Did my baby call
Ive got to know, Ive got to know
Did my baby call
I cant understand it, we've gotten along so well
Did I had to go and break her little heart
Where did I go wrong, tellll me where did I go Did my baby call
Operator interupt her line,
Ive got to hear her sweet voice one more time
Apologize for doing her wrong, apologize for leaving her alone
Ive been trying to call her all day long,
Each time I call her, shes not at home
Did my baby call
Operator, Operator
Did my baby call
Please interupt her now,
Did my baby call
we've got have a love again
Did my baby call
did she leave a message for me Did my baby call
she was never there