Перевод песни Tingsek – Nothing, Nobody, Right & Wrongs

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Taking care of all sorts of things in my way. I'm gonna have to wash
all my clothes today. I paid some old bills not seen since I last
missed 'em going throught my so called system on & on & on.
Coffee and a cigarette. the finest I could ever get.
Just sitting here singing songs about nothing nobody right&wrongs.
I passed on to another room where everything looks different I could use
som mild assistance now I forgot about what I was gonna do so help me to express I need to settle & confess. There's so many things I'd
like to say but mostly I just run away, then suddenly my truth just
lies there. I'm living it again, so definite it always wins so forever
lost in everything I always do. I used to be so scared about that too.