Перевод песни Albert King – Funk-Shun

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Call my job
Tell the boss, I won’t be in
I said, call my job
To tell my boss, I won’t be in
Oh, you can tell him I’m sick
Tell him anything
But I just had too much weekend
'Cause Saturday night I caught the horses
And today I got a 1000 bugs
I said, sadly l caught the horses
And today I got a 1000 bugs
Oh, you look so good to me this morning, darling
Girl, I ain’t thinking about gettin' up
After Friday, Saturday and Sunday
I don’t want to go to work, Lord, no
I said, after Friday, Saturday and Sunday
You know I don’t want to go to work, no no
After that long weekend, darling
I don’t wanna do a thing but lay around with you
Take the phone off the hook
Put a note on the door too
I don’t want to do a thing
But spend this time with you
Call my job
And tell the boss, I won’t be in
'Cause my head is in a spin, girl
I’ve had too much weekend