Перевод песни Get Well Soon – Help To Prevent Forest Fires

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The start was a long goodbye.
In the end you just left me here.
You wait for no miracle.
You go to the land some book has told you about.
So go, you must find some warmth.
The warmth you never felt in your family.
You hide under maple leaves, that’s the most secret place.
Hide your secret beauty, just guard that secret well with your life.
And for everything you’ve got a name.
And for everywhere you’ve got a map.
But all the while you just sharpened your knife.
Go and save this country, a lot of people wait.
Help to prevent forest fires but you will always stand in the flames.
And at least you need one year off, just enough to define yourself.
But all the while you were just sharpening your knife.
In your sleep you were seeing me drive past some Canadian airline.
But all your shirts and short skirts are cold for some national park in the
Cause it takes no meteorological knowledge
To say that the beach isn’t warm in the Arctic.
All the while you were close to Alaska
You just pretend you were here with me.
And all the while you were just sharpening your knife.
And all the while you were just waiting to push
Me off the cliff.