Перевод песни Will Downing – I Try

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I tried to do the best I can for you
But it seems not enough
And you know I care
Even when you’re not there
But it’s not what you want
You close your door when I wanna give you more
(I wanna give you)
And I feel, I feel so out of place
And you know it’s true
Don’t you think I’m good enough for you?
Can’t you see
(Can't you see?)
That you’re hurting me?
And I want this pain, I want this pain to stop
So if you really care, I mean, if you really really care
Then open up your heart to me
Yes, open up to me, to me, to me, to me
And I really really tried
(You know that I try)
And I try and I try and I try and I try to make you
(You know that I wanted)
You know
(To see you through)
And I try, and tried and I tried
And tried and I tired and tried
And I love you
(You know that I tried)
And I need
(To be with you)
I tried, I need you
(You know that I wanted)
I’ll do anything to keep you satisfied my love
(To see you through)
And I tried, I tried
(You know that I needed)
Because I want you and I need you
(You know that I tried)
I tried
I tried, I tried
(You know that I wanted)
Because I needed and I want you my love