Перевод песни Peter Moren – Reel to Real

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You seem to be terrified
'cause you don’t know what to make out of someone like me
It’s not just my bank account
There are several parts that don’t fit your scene
Too big, too small
Too in between, too real
I took the bus to town
'cause I couldn’t stand to spend the night with them
There’s no worse humiliation
Than to be discriminated by them when
They’re unworthy of you, they don’t know the things you do
They win because they’re dull
The guy who slept over me
Couldn’t keep his hands away from his tiny friend
It was a bumpy ride
I couldn’t get a minute’s sleep
I thought it’d never end, I don’t pretend
I took the bus to town again
Next morning the bus
Back home
Full of hormones, spots and pringles and a porno flick
I was so horrified, little
Soldiers harassing any woman
They would scream
They would kick
I learned to hate them then
And I’m still terrified by the sight of confused teens
Who don’t know how to react
'cause no one told them
Taught them it’s ok to be real
For real, a legal feeling
Captured on this reel too real
Who wants to be real?
Not really…
Who wants to be real?
Don’t scare me so
Who wants to be real?
Who wants to be real?
Nobody I know