Перевод песни Peter Moren – This is What I Came For

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To begin with there were bibles round them
Cripples too
So your upbringing don't fit your style
So you lock yourself up in your room with things to do Hoping it will go away in a while
Still you're acting as if everything is Fine fine fine
You're the spoiled white kid with clenched white teeth
While the? and nationalists will let you down
There are still so many more out there to meet
If you walk a bit further than the street
In the big city the neon lights and urban folklore
Invites the hunchbacks to participate
If you studied the language and the market place
Took up took down took what to buy and sell
And you have a firm opinion you're always
Right right right
Still the doors just right in front of you
And your nose starts to bleed and you have to lie down
Its amazing what you can do if your? act it out for you
And you hide in the church yard by the family grave
One more lost soul left to save
But you can't make up your mind how to stand yourself
When your heritage is cute not brave
And the loved ones are the lonely ones and they get cold
And your image building is your soul
And you dig and you dig and you rock and roll
And the judge transports you out of the court
You'll have to? ?
If you wise up and get phony like a common clown
You might build up the courage to settle down
And you carry all these tombstones round
As if there were a treasure
When they're just a fiction of your mind
If you take a look around its all fine fine fine
And its nothing you can do bout it There are drug cases and basket cases and refugees from war
And its obvious you're neither of them
So i guess you have to live through it And i know your eyes? when we're apart
You're so true to me how come you are
In the middle of my supper, in the middle of my shit
Come to think of it i've reached quite far
If you reach out for a falling star its never there
Cause its deadly as the rest of us But i reach out for your fingertips and i stop to breathe
And i know i'm not hoping no more
Cause i got all that i could hope for
Like a riddle you've been blessed with to figure out
When you have to practice hard to learn
But the learning is to pleasure
And the knowledge is just grief
I'm ready for to turn turn turn
Come rain or come shine let me have a piece
Of that fat cake on display
When i swallow it all let me have some more
Let me lick up the crumbs on the floor
And i swear i won't weep anymore
Cause this is This is This is what i came for