Перевод песни Jefferson Airplane – Thunk

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Sittin' around thinkin'
Thinkin' and a thinkin'
And it ain’t doin' me no good
Well I thunk and I thunk
Couldn’t think of anything better
I tried and I tried
Tryin' ain’t doin' me no good
I write choo everyday, what could be
My very last letter
Come what may I say
Thinkin' ain’t doin' me no good
Thinkin' ain’t doin' me no good people
Thinkin' ain’t doin' me no good, no good
I want to know, if everything that’s sung
Will remain
Within the structure of a person
Whose mind I wish to claim
Please don’t say that wantin' you
Won’t do me no good
Please oh please don’t say
Wantin' you won’t
Wantin' you won’t do me no good
Wantin' you won’t do me no good woman
Wantin' you won’t do me no good, no good
Well I thunk thunk thunk thunk
A lot about it
Realized my thunk is nuthin'
But a lot of funk
Bunk down on in my place
Only a dream (hum)
Only a dream (hum)
Only a dream (hum)
Thinkin' ain’t doin' me no good no
Thinkin' ain’t doin' me no good no people
Thinkin' ain’t doin' me no good no good