Перевод песни The Range – Carry the Water

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B. r. hornsby
Some live life with eyes that dont see
They look away at the time of your greatest need
Some talk, somell just do, some turn their back
Turn around and just walk away I know Ive done that
Lonely days and lonely nights
Easy to be cynical never put yourself on the line
Id like to reach out well why dont i Take the load up off your back Id like to try
Let me carry your water
Let me carry the weight
I will bear your burden
Let me carry the load
Working hard sweating all day in the long hot sun
Feel alone with the heavy load youre not the only one
Bossman say time to jump we say how high
If you need a hand getting off your feet baby Ill try
I want to cover you the the sea on the sand
Easy to be cynical never take a stand
Easy for me not to give a damn
Ill ask you to call for me and Ill give you a hand
Let me carry your water
Let me carry the load
I will shoulder your burden
Let me carry the load
Lonely nights and lonely days
You wait for someone to come along and sweep you away
Ill put myself out there it just might feel good
I dont always do that but I think I should