Перевод песни Hanoi Rocks – Boiler (Me Boiler 'N' Me)

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Me boiler’s walking down the street
High heels, lips of a beauty queen
When I look her in the eyes
I never tell no lies
No, no, no, no, no
Life took a sudden turn
When she made my poor heart burn
I used to be a lonely bloke
I thought romance was a joke
Yeah, yeah, ye, ye, yeah
She’s me boiler and I love her so
Never ever gonna let her go
I’m her boy and her toy’s in my pants
Ronettes are on the radio
And we always sing along
She’s the first bird on me list
She makes me have one off the wrist
Yeah, yeah, ye, ye, yeah
When me boiler starts to scream and shout
I whisper «Doll do leave it out»
I have a booze-up with me mates
And I don’t come home 'till late
Me boiler and me
Me boiler and me
Me boiler and me
Me boiler and me