Перевод песни Roni Size – Railing

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Yes, something of a different pace
Fresh, it's a '97 made taste
Now, I believe the time is right
How, step it from the left to the right so Get, ready for the rhythm in check
Direct, believe me you ain't heard nothing yet I Will, volunteer my lyrical skill
Until, the score reaches fifty nil go Deep, right into the middle of the beat it stays
Sweet, in every way, seven days a week
Untied, give this to you line by line
The source is the power of the force in the rhyme it's
New, structure of this hour I'm paving
Go twice around the world and still keep on saving
Panic, some get confused and can't shake they feel
Static, built up by the charge in the break I can't
Have it, I need true spirit representers a Skilled, ever ready strong team of inventers and I got
That, that's why my beat sounds so pure this is the
Format, something you never heard before.
Do you think that you can hold on When the beat gets too strong
and you feel that you need help to move along?
Do you think that you can hang tough
When the rhythm gets rough
and the DJ says I think you've had enough?
Do you think that you can digest
When I start to digress
better get yourself a lyric-proof vest
Do you think that you can compete
When you hear the phat beat
you need stamina like an athlete
Unique, continue the future technique to full
Heat, let the microphone burn when I speak
Alright, now we're getting into this sound
Pick it up,
shake it up,
turn it upside-down.
(Additional production by Krust, Die, Suv.
Drums by Clive Deemer.
Voiced by Dynamite.)
Typed and Submitted by Mr. Bunny