Перевод песни Koop Arponen – Insomnia

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I feel the pain
I got no patience
The questions with no rhyme
Will set me free
I look at life with complication, maybe
Tomorrow’s gonna break the spell on me
I pray for the morning light
My saviour through desperate times
'Cause in the dark my heart keeps asking me
What if you could be loved
If you could be touched
Then I wouldn’t have to be
Fighting my enemy
Don’t come back insomnia
What if you could be mine
If you could be loved
Then I wouldn’t fall so deep
Putting my mind to sleep
Don’t come back insomnia
Coming out of my obsession
Your perfect lips are just a memory
And I don’t mind to be your possession, baby
Still the afternoon belongs to me
And I’m on the twilight zone
Finding my way back home
I should’ve known it ain’t done easily
Do you miss me
Like I miss you?