Перевод песни Koop Arponen – Broadway Sky

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Looking up at the Broadway sky
Dreams come by
As the plans I made slowly fade away
Once stuck in an endless flow
Walking up and down the rainbow
Now I’m caught in a hazy day
With thoughts like come what may
Spare the middle of the sky for me
Leave a chapter in the history
I’m just waiting for my star to shine
Turn it on, turn me on
On the Broadway Sky
On the Broadway Sky
I got high with every master plan
Now I’m drinking from an empty can
I guess Miss Fortune won’t come by
Thought a Gloria would make me wise
Well nowadays it just blocks my eyes
I wonder where it is the day I die
'Cause everything is my oh my
Once upon a time it was meant to be forever
But the grown-ups just kept messing up my mind
No one ever told me that this real cold-blooded world
Was gonna knock me down
On the Broadway sky
On the Broadway sky