Перевод песни John Gorka – Looking Forward

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I never cared about the car I’d drive
Or the room I’d sleep or the bus I’d ride
Just as long as I could get somewhere
And not get hurt I could breathe out there
I knew I could be free out there … could be me
I never cared about the word prestige
About no inside track or no noblesse oblige
Just as long as I could pay my way
And pull my weight and say my say
As long as I could pay my way … I could say
I never had no plans just dreams and vague directions
I would not make my stand
I the house of corrections
Now I can see at last I see that everything is changing
And if you want to hold on fast the future needs arranging
Now I’m looking forward to you
Now I’m looking forward to you
My former view was backward
My backward view as blue
Now I’m looking forward to you
Love had a weight designed to bring me down
My hands would sweat and my heart would pound
Now I’ve learned it and I’ve turned around
And I hanker for that anchor sound
I hanker for that anchor sound
Once designed to bring me down
Repeart Bridge & Chorus