Перевод песни The Mae Shi – Hlllyh

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No more sleeping
It’s in your fingertips
You got the best of it
Second chances
Toss out the medicine
There go the sleepless nights
You got to wait it out
You got to wait it out of there
He’s not just sleeping
He’s not just dead
He’s lost the signal
So let’s open up his head
You’ll see the same thing
You’ll see the same things
We lost the signal
No more thinking
Fortunes will come you gotta let them go
Bruises will come so no more weeping now
There’s so much more for you so no more sleeping now
The signal’s strong and clear so let’s call it out
You’re not just sleeping
You’re not just dead
The code is broken
Ithers way out ahead
It’s all the same thing
You’ll see the same things
You got the signal
No more sleeping now
You gotta see it out
You are the signal now
You gotta be it now that you’re bleeding
It’s okay
The water will return to where it came from
The ground will take whatever hangs above it
The sun will shine and the trees will rise up
Slow your breath
A million roads will lead you to the grave
The one that has you hold your head the highest
That’s the one you want to walk along
Eyes that can see
Hands that can bleed
Everything I need’s not part of me