Перевод песни The Mae Shi – Party Politics

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Open up your chest
It stinks like acrylic paint
Encrusted tar
Half chicken dark
Fair your bones
For a spot on the guestlist
Complimentary analgesics
At least six drink tickets
So this time we’ll demand
Maybe next time we’ll inflict
But that’s just how we flourish
In party politics
Some people like to get radical
Career merry maker life’s trivial
So bounce the party Vice Magazine
I got your flyer here’s the team
He’s got dust so he’s covered
He’s on junk but we don’t notice
She’s a trick so she gets favors
And they’re all dry so we don’t care
It’s time to go
He’s out of film
What’s the point
There’s no reward
It’s all the same
What’s the point
Bounce the party
Get to work
There’s the point
Bounce the party
What’s the point
Bounce the party