Перевод песни Mahogany Rush – Woman

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Stuck in New York City
Ain’t got a penny to my name
I blew it all down in Texas
On women and cocaine
I’ve been ridin' an endless highway
A highway long and cold
And the only shoulder for me to cry on
Is the woman beside the road
Woman, she can be so cold
Tearin' up my soul
She make a man grow old, yeah
But I love her just the same
Had me a dark eyed lover
She had a dark eyed lover’s name
And I gave her all my loving
But she didn’t love me the same
Well, the one bad thing about her
She played a game from the start
She couldn’t give a damn and all around
She just kept breakin' my heart
Woman, she can be so mean
So mean
Tearin' all of my dreams
But I love her just the same
Well, I guess, I’ll keep on wanderin'
All around 'til I see
If the women I find are women enough
For the woman and the man in me
And I know if I keep lookin'
Gonna get what I need
And as a matter of fact I’m checking one out
And right now she is checkin' on me, yeah
Woman, she can be so cold, yeah
Tearing up my soul
Make a man grow old, yeah
But I love her just the same