Перевод песни C-Ride – Money Round Here

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Back off
We gon', we, we gon' put the recession
On hold tonight, homie
Feel me, hey
Every time I hit the club
Everybody know
I pull up in the Chevy with the suicide doors an
Shawty diggin' me cause she know who I are like
Take out all this money and slam in on the bar like
Gimme that cup
Pour out nouveau
And I’m not leavin' here so don’t turn the lights on
And hit the VIP every time I come through
Get the grass, shawty and show 'em what they do
Nigga, we get money 'round here
Hey, the gang gettin' funny 'round here
Hey nigga, we gettin' money 'round here
Hey nigga, we gettin' money 'round here
Hold up, wait, you know I gotta have it
Model after model, I’m a bad chick magnet
She see them suicides sittin' outside
Chevrolet flyin' we dodgin' power lines
Talk to 'em, paint wet, see it drip off
And baby, you can kiss it, you don’t need lip gloss
She just another tryin' to ride on