Перевод песни Phyllis Hyman – What Ever Happened To Our Love

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When you and I were introduced
It never occurred to me
That one day I would fall in love
I knew you were nice
But I didn’t think twice
Until you rang my phone
And you said you wanted us to be alone, alone…
So, I agree to go out with you
And treat me like a queen
I’ve got to say
I had a wonderful time…
Oh, and the very next day you send me flowers
We talked on the phone for hours and hours
You was so sure
You made me believe we had a chance
Whatever happened to our love
How could it happened when you was so sure
You made me want you made me need you
Fell so deep in loved with you
Look at me now…
Whatever happened to our love…
And now I’m starting out all over again
And it’s all because of you
Why did you come around
Just to play with my heart
Oh, I really don’t know
I should have known better
It’s gonna take time to get myself together
You was so sure
You made me believe we had a chance…