Перевод песни Marvin Gaye – How Can I Forget

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They ask me to forget about you
Go out and find someone new
But that won't be easy, you see
After all the things you've done for me Told the men I ain't too proud to say
With you I stand tall and strong
Because without you, girl, I'm nothing at all
How, how can I forget you?
After all you've done for me Oh woman, you'll always be a part of me
I, I can't forget you
It's impossible, you see
Woman, you'll always be a part of me Girl, I'm down on my bended knees
And I'm begging you please, begging you please
Woman, woman, don't set me free
Because right this moment in the sun
My life was wasting away
Girl, your love gave me hope and strength
You're the reason I'm alive today
Girl, you don't realize what your love means to me It's more precious than the evergreens