Перевод песни Modern Talking – Can't Let You Go

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1. You don’t need nobody
When you’re down and so alone.
And there’s no telephone,
No one calls you at home, my baby.
But tell me that you need me,
And I’m sailing back to you,
And I’m staying, yes it’s true,
For you I am the fool
You’re my lady.
Can’t let you go, I need you so.
Can’t let you go, the time will show.
Can’t let you go, you break my heart
For all the time
Can’t let you go…
2. Heaven will miss an angel,
And I know you are the sun,
But baby, now you’ve gone.
My heart — it needs a home, oh baby.
Oh tell me, that you miss me,
And I’m driving home to you.
You broke the golden rules,
For you I am the fool,
You’re my lady.